We provide debt collection agency merchant account services and a credit card processing system at an affordable price. When you work with us, you are working with experts. With over 8 years experience selling debt collection merchant accounts and payment processing solutions, we know how to save you money on your credit card processing. Contact us today for a free rate analysis.

Debt Collection Companies

Debt Collection Merchant Payment Billing Services

Just about every debt repayment consumer or commercial merchant provider, ISO, processor, etc you run across on the internet will promise to deliver the lowest rates available. However, very few offer a low rate along with a superior product and award winning customer support. We do!

Our sales team is serious about savings. If you are currently processing with another company, we will look over your current statement and deliver an ROI that WILL SAVE YOU MONEY, guaranteed. Also, since we bundle our proprietary gateway with a collection agency merchant account, we provide you with both: additional savings on your monthly fees AND one simple source for customer support. Cut the cost of processing credit cards and debit cards and simplify your life today.

Setting Up a Merchant Account

In order to open up a merchant account with us, we will need to know how you will be processing credit cards. There are different types of debt financial services merchant accounts that are available and each is tailored for specific processing. For example, there are high risk merchant accounts optimized for Swiped transactions via your computer or iPhone, for Keyed-In transactions via your keyboard or cell phone, or for E-Commerce transactions via your website or custom software, or a combination of each. We will consult you first so that we can set up the proper financial services collection merchant account.

Once we have determined what type of merchant account you will need, we will send you an application. Our merchant accounts are always setup with the best pricing options. If you already have a merchant account, we will run a Free Rate Analysis in order to compare our pricing with your current processor and deliver savings.

Finally, you will be automatically notified when your account is approved. (Approval time is 2-3 days.) Simply create the login and password for your merchant account and begin processing credit cards immediately.

Why Is There No Pricing On This Site?

Many people ask us why we don't put any prices or rates on our website. This is a great question and has an even better answer!

Unlike third party debt repayment medical, legal, commercial, consumer collection merchant providers like PayPal or ProPay or gateway companies like Authorize.net, we here at Merchant Solutions offer a bundled service with a pricing structure that is tailored to each and every client we work with. We feel that if we had standard pricing options on our site, we would be limiting the flexibility needed to offer the types of rate plans and fees available for our customers. Also, we have found that many companies create strategic pricing plans on their website that withhold certain fees (like mid and non qual rates). These are created to entice potential customers into signing up online without all of the information. We cover this in more detail on our blog. This is the type of trickery that we always stay away from.

When contacting us, merchants are embarking on a personalized sales experience tailored to their company's needs. This model fits within our business model from the ground up. From customer and technical support to product deployment, we are always engaging our merchants openly and freely. We are also dedicated to offering the best products currently available in the industry along with the lowest costs. For new businesses, we will ask you the important questions and get the information we need to quote you the best possible deal for what we offer. And for those who are currently processing with someone else, we will perform a ROI based on your current processing statements and deliver savings no matter what. This is our promise. Contact us today to find out more!

Your Merchant Account Includes

  • Competitive pricing, lower costs.
  • Accept of Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Amex Cards.
  • Direct deposit of funds within 2 business days.
  • Professional, Knowledgeable and Friendly Customer Support.
  • Includes Virtual Terminal and Mobile Processing.

Compare to PayPal

  • Not a merchant bank, so funds are not FDIC insured.
  • Standard prices, based on amount processed per month.
  • Must request funds to be transfered.
  • Phone Customer Support for premium members, otherwise must use knowledgebase.
  • Virtual Terminal and Mobile processing not inlcuded.

Working with the Sales team has been an incredible experience. They really care about our medical collections business and go the extra distance to make sure we are getting the best service possible. The System has allowed us to streamline all of our processing into one easy to use system, saving us time and money. The Recurring and Instant Transaction features are really what make this so wonderful for us as they allow us to bill patients with one click of a button. We really can't say enough about this company. We recommend it to anyone who owns a medical bills collection agency or professional office."

Susan Debin M.D., Family Practitioner