Currently, we offer collection agencies, credit repair companies, financial services, loan processing, student loans, tax lien resolution firms, attorneys a robust and easy to use payment gateway solution. We are a flexible platform that allows you to process credit cards: At your business, through your website, and on the go wirelessly. A merchant solution that is: more cost effective, cheaper,cheaper, scalable, faster, and just better than the rest.

Payment Gateway Financial Services

Financial Service Payment Processor

1. Process transactions from any computer with Internet access

Process transactions at your business with collection agency loan processing merchant account Virtual Terminal. You can process swiped or manual transactions from any computer connected to the Internet. Use your laptop as a traveling credit card payment station.

2. Accept sales, payments or donations from your website

No matter how simple, or complex, E-Commerce components can take care of the job. We are integrated with a large list of shopping carts. We also provides simple "Pay Now" / "Donate Now" buttons that can be installed on a website by a novice website administrator. However, for more advanced website solutions, provides an API Manual, API Example Code, a Developer Testing Account and Free Technical Support to assist with the integration process.

3. Process sales on the go with wireless processing options

Process both swiped and manual transactions via your cell phone or laptop. Phone Charge system allows you to process a card via a telephone call for your collection agency, credit repair business, or student loan processing company. You can also access your account via any Phone's Internet Browser access (any phone w internet, for example: iPhone, BlackBerry)

The system includes

  • Financial Services Merchant Account
  • Collection Agency Friendly
  • Credit Resolution & Repair OK
  • Bankruptcy and Tax Attorneys
  • Business Consulting Firms
  • Student Loan Consolidation
  • Industry Leading Customer Support
  • Wireless Processing via Laptop, any Telephone, and Smart Phones

System Features

  • Virtual Terminal access from any computer
  • Recurring Accounts/Transactions
  • Professional Accounting and Reporting
  • Archives all of your financial services firm processing history
  • Contact Manager

Lifestyles Unlimited is a real estate investing, collections, credit repair, loan processing tax attorney and mentoring group and we process our membership fees through the system. We are a solid credit card collection agency processing platform. We've been using it for over two years and have never had a problem, hiccup, or issue. It just works. The most important feature for us is the ability to store credit card information in the system and charge recurring transactions. The programming API was easy to integrate into our public web site and stand-alone POS application. The transaction rates are very competitive. Sales support answers the phone and my questions immediately. I highly recommend the system to any company needing to process credit cards."

Damon Janis, Chief Technologist, Lifestyles Unlimited